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Most of them would choose a low cost destination. Nowadays, everything is served over the internet and it makes our life easier because we don’t have to go out, gas up our cars and book for our flights.

There are lots of places online that offers cheap flights and accommodations. Different websites over the internet that posts travel guides and offers best rates for airlines and places to stay, no matter what type of traveler you are.


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Ho Chi Minh: City of Beautiful Madness

45,000 Dong – that’s just under a couple of British pounds – will buy you entry to the South Saigon Pools: a secluded oasis in […]

South Bank, Sunday Morning

Dusty rays illuminate the narrow trail that runs from Borough Market to the South Bank. Outside The Clink, a council worker sweeps last night’s party […]

It was all Yellow: Saigon Welcomes the Year of the Snake

In London, New Year’s Eve is all about a single night of overpriced and overcrowded bars, drunken idiots and – if you’re lucky – some […]